About Us

Since established in 2005, Guardian has been one of the fastest growing security agencies in the U.S. We specialize in 3 major security divisions (as well as several other niche divisions). Primarily, we are most well known for our reputation in the Bodyguard/Personal Security sector, protecting the most influential, high profile public figures in the world and doing so on a daily basis… worldwide.

Locally, here in S. Florida, we share an equally regarded reputation but on a smaller/local scale with our Concert/Event Security division. We protect the largest festivals, concerts and events in the State of Florida.  We have over 100 men ready for deployment at any given time. This number could easily be several hundred or thousands but our company’s culture has always been quality over quantity and we make sure not to dilute the quality of guards we provide by focusing on keeping this number potent. We believe this is what sets us apart from the average security or “event staff” you see today.  We’re living in different times and we need better protection. 

Finally, in 2015, we have taken note to the high demand for Residential/Commercial Security in the Southeastern U.S. and have focused our attention to this great need.  We have been experiencing rapid growth in this sector since, which has resulted in our recent opening of a second office in Atlanta, GA.  We now focus on the hiring, training and supervising of quality guards to help feed this demand and look forward to the future of this division as we strive to build it’s reputation to match what we’ve accomplished as a company for the past 12 years, as a whole.

Guardian Office Plantation,FL

“Speaking of class, the security here are true gentleman and that is a rarity for this industry”

For more information on our 3 branches of security services, please feel free to call us at (954) 960-6142.