“In our business, security is of upmost importance. Just one violation can leave an artist vulnerable to serious safety risks. I hired Anton because I believe him to be the best there is in our industry. I trust in his ability to protect just as I do for all of Guardian’s employees because I know he only hires the best personal protection guys in the business. I have worked very closely with Anton during his tenor with Alicia Keys and in my observation, I have found him to be extremely alert, detailed-orientated, punctual and an excellent on-the-fly decision maker which are all vital elements in his line of work. Perhaps, my favorite of Anton’s attributes is the same reason why I would recommend Guardian to any management firm or artist…his work ethic. He strives to exceed his own, high expectations in all that he does. He is strong-willed and strong-bodied yet also kind and caring and is as trustworthy as they come. When you combine all of those characteristics with his experience in high-risk security it makes for the perfect person, to protect even the most at-risk clients. I strongly recommend Guardian to any artist that is serious about security.”

D.J. Walton
Director of Operations
AK Worldwide

“In my business, it is not that often we get to write these types of letters, usually the letters we time after time must write are the ones complaining about service issues, employee issues or termination notices. Our company is a staunch believer in complementing a company when they do a great job and exhibit a level of excellence in their industry. Since taking over the security patrols about two years ago for Palmyra Estates, we can honestly say we are extremely pleased with the service and level of professionalism that Guardian has brought to our community.

Prior to hiring your firm, the Community was considering doing away with the guard service because the two previous companies and the myriad of guards brought into the community were substandard and lacking …… we thought that it was the industry, but since you came on board we realized it was those companies.

The Guards that have been brought into the community arc far superior and diligent in their duties. They follow the post orders to the letter and when there are issues we are notified in a timely manner so that the little problems don’t turn into larger ones …… We especially appreciate the detailed reports kept and the timeliness of them. Lastly, the reason why we believe there has been such an improvement in service is that the supervisors are supervising and keeping us informed on the daily routine of the guards while at the same time handling any issues that may arise. Communication is key and the fact that there is good communication demonstrates the dedication Guardian has to our community.

Job well done to you and your staff!”

Ralph Skarecki, LCAM
Quality Managcmcnt Group, Inc.

My name is Derrick “E.I” Lawrence, I am the VP of Young Money Entertainment. For the last 5 years of my time at Young Money, Anton Kalaydjian was head of security. While under his watch we did not have a single incident, accident or allegation that could have put any of my artists in harm’s way while Anton and his Guardian staff was on security detail. I admire his professionalism his principals and his work ethic, I look forward to working with Guardian in the future and wish him all the best.”

E.I. Lawrence,Vice President
Young Money Entertainment
Home of Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj and more

“Guardian Security is by far the best security company we have used for our Artists. You and your guards have served them extremely well and we have never felt more safe about their well being then we do when they are with you, Joe, Frank etc. I would strongly recommend Guardian to anyone who values their safety or the safety of their clients. If I ever needed someone to protect my family or me, you know who I am calling.”

Dave Abram
Chase Entertainment
Home of: AUSTIN MAHONE, ACE HOOD and more

“I just wanted to say that Damion and Ishmael comported themselves professionaly and competantly at all times. These gentlemen symbolize what proper, professional security services are all about. They went above and beyond what was expected in order to insure that we were at all times safe, but still able to enjoy ourselves. Your organization obviously has very high standards and I’m sure these were two of your best men.

I cannot thank you enough for working with us yourself as things flexed and changed throughout our stay. Your organization being already engaged in running security for the Ultra Music Festival as well as, I’m sure, plenty of other assignments simultaneously, you exemplified calm, efficient and effective service- the ability to keep your cool when everyone else is losing theirs is a rare commodity today.

Thank you very kindly and we will look forward to, at the very least, next Ultra festival but most likely well before then as I am talking to the wife about a “dining” trip when she’s not playing with her horses.”

Robert P. Maier

“Harvey Wilson with Guardian Professional Security has provided me with the safest and best security for my client. His first hand knowledge of practically every venue and city we travel throughout has made it extremely easy for me to concentrate on my job with the complete confidence that my client is well taken care of.”

Aljamaal Jones
Managing Partner