Concert / Event Security

Covering over 250 concerts and events per year, for the past 12 years our vast experience helps us to provide a safe and secure showing for all guests, artists and venue workers alike. We have ample experience in every genre of music and style of event (there is nothing we haven’t seen). Our specialty is the handling and protection of VIP’s, Celebrities, Talent and Backstage. Every major event we protect is personally handled by our Chief Operations Officer; Josh Ponder, whose built solid relationships with local Law Enforcement, Fire and Authorities throughout South Florida (and abroad). His reputation in S. FL is well known due to his passion, accountability of his team and quality of leadership.

Our well trained and experienced Barricade and Stage Security ensures your guests are safe from harm (& from harming themselves). We have one of the lowest incident ratios in the industry and zero lawsuit convictions in our company’s history, which is unheard of considering the thousands of concerts and events we’ve covered over the years. Courteous and alert posted guards are always ready to help! Pinpoint accuracy, strong leadership, communication and the high quality of our guards, play a large part in the way we protect and the reputation we carry.

Some of our clients include: