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Commercial Security covers many types of venues—anything from skyscrapers to day cares.  From luxury retail stores, malls and shopping centers to corporate buildings, construction sites, houses of worship and most important…schools.  All of these sites carry potential for threat. Threats can range from something as small as trespassing, vandalism or petty theft to extreme threats such as active shooters, chemical attacks or acts of terror.  

Most crimes however (committed on commercial properties) are in fact property crimes.  In the State of Florida alone there were 526,816 property crimes reported in the past year (Florida Department of Law Enforcement, 2017).  Following the rule of supply and demand…being that so many properties have fallen victim to these crimes; the demand for security has been greater now more than ever.  With that demand comes supply. There are more security agencies operating in Florida now than ever before and more and more keep popping up almost on a daily basis. With such an influx of security agencies…it’s important to make sure you pick the right one to protect your commercial property and most of all…the people inside of them.

Guardian Professional Security was established in 2005. We built our reputation internationally with our Bodyguard division by protecting some of the most famous people in the world and at the highest standards of protection.  On a local level we have built our reputation protecting some of the biggest events in the State of Florida. Due to the recent high demands for residential and commercial security, our business has grown in this division to meet said demands.  We have recently focused our attention to Commercial/Residential Security in hopes to earn the same reputation we have earned in our Bodyguard and Event divisions.

At Guardian we believe our employees are our greatest asset.  The security business is hard work and security businesses typically have a 100% - 150% turnover ratio in guard personnel (  Because of our managed growth, we have achieved a point where we can pay our guards more, train them better and give them more opportunities within the company since we only promote from within.  We are able to do this while charging our clients a very competitive price point. Guardian’s employee turnover ratio is less than 5%. This means we can provide stable, top tier security at competitive rates, providing the best security value in South Florida.  A testament to our business model and our relationship with our guards and our clients.

Our guards are made up of former Law Enforcement Officers, former Military personnel and/or individuals who have been screened and trained to be highly professional security officers. They are mentally and physically fit and they go through rigorous training, long hours and be effective in case of threat.  100% of our guards hold a “D” security license, undergo periodic currency and continuing education, and recertification training. The training takes place in Guardian’s dedicated training facility in Dania, Florida or in the field.

Protect your property and your livelihood by choosing the right security agency for the job.  Our highly trained, licensed and insured guards are available throughout the Tri-County area to protect your commercial facilities “twenty-four/seven.” For more information on our Residential/Commercial Security Services please call (954) 960-6142 or email us at

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Key Services Include:

  • Front Desk Operations
  • Security Checks and Patrols
  • Real Time Tracking / Tour Software
  • Construction Security
  • Vehicle Patrols
  • Real tome Incident Reporting
  • 24 Hour Supervision
  • Special Event Security
  • Natural Disaster Emergency Response

Partial Client List

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malani jewlers
Vic J. Corporate Buildings
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New World Symphony
Worth Magazine
Virigina Key Beach Park

Professional Commercial Security

Tell us more about your business to learn more about what we can do together to ensure a safe and secure work environment and premises.