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Since inception, Guardian has protected over 3,000 concerts and events in the S. Florida area, spanning from Okeechobee to the Florida Keys. Our vast experience with every style of event and with any genre of music-concert helps us to provide a safe and secure experience for all guests, artists and venue workers alike.


Our Managers and Supervisors have ample worldwide experience and have protected such events in over 50 different countries. Our team has been the preferred choice for the main focuses of concerts and events such as; the safety and handling of Backstage, Artist Escorts, VIP Sections, Barricades, Wanding & Magnetometers as well as the basic coverages of General Admission, Perimeter Security and Load-In / Load-Out posted guards & roamers.

We take safety very seriously however we also understand customer service. We know we are usually the guests first impression (entry gates) as well as their last (exits) so we take pride in being well mannered yet strict on the rules.

Not your average Event Security team…our Supervisors and Managers are all highly trained in Advanced Emergency Medical Care which covers…

  • Medical and Trauma Emergencies
  • EMS Operations
  • Pharmacological Intervention
  • Chemical Attack Response
  • Hemorrhagic control of trauma induced injury. This includes gunshot wound treatment, edged weapons attacks, IED blast injuries and general profuse bleeding
  • Blunt Force Traumatic Injury such as weaponized vehicles
  • Airway Ventilation
  • Scene Safety and the movement & treatment of the injured to a safer environment

In leu of recent tragedies and threats that have affected the concert/event experience, it is now the responsibility of the companies coordinating the events and the venues who host them to be sure to choose the right security agency for the job. We believe the year 2017 has changed our industry forever when considering the safety and security of concert goers and we say this because we have first-hand experience in helping to be the solution.

With one of the lowest, if not the lowest incident ratios in the industry, considering the number of concerts, events and festivals we protect…we have gained favor and built strong relationships with local Law Enforcement, Fire and Officials. Together we work hard to make your next concert or event an enjoyable and most importantly a safe experience.

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